Saturday, 14 July 2007

451 - Caged Sounds of Darkness (2007)

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Artist: 451
Album: Caged Sounds of Darkness
Date: 2007
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Doom Metal
Country: China
Playtime: 22:30
Quality: 192kbps

#01] Raped [4:49]
#02] Mask [10:21]
#03] Isolated Soul [7:20]

The band just sent me a reworked and shortened version of the demo because the production of the original version is awful and it was way too long for a debut demo. The new version sounds a little bit better cuz he have adjusted the volume of the instruments and added some reverb, not much improvement though.

451 is a Doom Metal band hailing from China, formed in 2007 by the only member Anubis The Plutoian. The band was influenced by the bands like Black Sabbath, Trouble, Death, My Dying Bride, etc. He released his first demo in July 2007.